The lollipop that became a weapon!


We went to a birthday party the other day, and the traditional “lollibag” took on a whole new meaning. It was an oversized plastic “chuppa chup”, (pictured above), with mini lollipops inside it. Oh, and it doubles as a money box when all the sugar fixes on a stick are consumed! It came in an awesome oversized wrapper, in the same design as an actual “chuppa chup” wrapper. (Don’t know where that is right now!). To add to the delight, there was also a jar of jelly beans, just in case we didn’t quite get enough hyperactivity out of the first lot!

Wow, my friend whose daughter was also at the party, looked at the tag attached to the gigantic “chuppa chup”, and said, “Is there a warning not to use it as a weapon?” “Ha ha”, I laughed, I could just see some kid using it exactly like that!

Well, the day after, we had some friends pop in with their boys, one aged the same as my daughter, nine. He is young and very energetic, didn’t need the assistance of the lollipops to go nuts, so a combination of jelly beans and “chuppa chups” was a disaster waiting to happen! He grabbed my son while he was on the floor, by the leg and lifted his leg way above his head. My son, who to his credit, didn’t want to hurt the boy since he is younger, yelled at him to stop. The boy is quite tall and solid for his age, and so has a bit of strength behind him. He thought it was funny and pushed harder. Well, my daughter, in all her angelic wisdom, saw that her brother was being hurt by this boy and took it upon herself to put an end to it. She knew she didn’t have the physical strength to match him, (she is very petite), so she grabbed the oversized “chuppa chup” with both hands and swung it at him! He looked at her dumbfounded and said he was only joking, but she didn’t buy it, jokes are not supposed to hurt!

Well, there you go, the kid that thought of using it as a weapon, was mine! Granted, she did it for a good reason, to defend her brother, but gee, she did it! She is small and so so sweet, but hurt someone she loves, and there will be consequences! She didn’t hurt the boy, thankfully, but mission accomplished, he stopped! I didn’t even tell her off, she was protecting her own, and I have to say, I was a little bit proud!



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