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Hi, my name is Loretta. I’m no expert in raising kids, or life, or anything like that, I’m just a mum to two beautiful angels, and a wife to the most wonderful man in the world! I met him when we were 18 years old, fresh out of high school, at the beach. Yep, I thought, if you can love me here you can love me anywhere baby! There’s nowhere to hide when you’re wearing your good old bathers, but then again when you are 18 there’s not really that much to hide anyway! Eight years later we were married, took a while I know, but after uni and finding a job, we finally got there. I married my soulmate, who can look at me and know exactly what I’m feeling, thinking and just how much I love him, more than life itself. He is one of those people who just gets life. He is smart, streetwise, protective, strong, loyal and openminded. Did I mention handsome? Well he’s dark and handsome and I still look at him and think “Yep, you’re hot!” He thinks outside the square and is always doing something, like at the moment he’s restoring a 1962 vespa!

My two cherubs are my life. I am forever thankful for them, they make my life complete and they make me whole. They define everything that I am and influence everything that I do and I love them like my husband, more than life itself.

We had our son back in 2001. He screamed for the first two years of his life. Let him cry they said, he will “learn” to stop. Let him cry? Well that didn’t feel right in my heart so I did what I always do, I did what I believed. I held him, I hugged him, I kissed him, I took him into our bed at night, I talked to him, I sang to him and I listened to his cries, and I never forgot the words my mum always said, “This too will pass”. It was a long wait, but it did. By the age of 3 he was the most beautiful, and I mean wow kind of gorgeous, caring, loving little kid, who was so funny, happy and just great to be around. To this day, he is a breath of fresh air. He is still all those things I said before and more. He has the most amazing vision and understanding of life, and an intelligence and wisdom well beyond his years. He is confident and secure in himself, determined and strong, yet compasionate and humble at the same time.

We had our daughter at the end of 2004. She was and still is just beautiful. She looked like an angel and slept like one too! She found her voice very quickly and by the age of 15 months was saying stuff that spun us all out! We were having conversations, real conversations by the age of two, she was and still is one of the brightest, switched on, intelligent little ones I know. She is small and petite and oh so sweet! She is also fiery and knows exactly what she wants and isn’t shy to let people know how she feels, and I love it! She has an amazing ability to give and to love, is always loyal, sensitive to peoples’ needs, and has eyes that sparkle and smile!  She understands people and life in a way that some of us never will.


They both amaze me every single day, and I am constantly  learning from them.

Being a mum was the best thing I ever did, and I am forever thankful.


I’m also a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA), don’t ask me how, but I ended up in a business course at uni. Every subject I did in high school was geared towards journalism or copywriting, but in Year 12, a careers advisor came to speak to us and told us that there were no jobs in these areas, so if you actually wanted to get a job after uni, change paths. So after much foot stomping and carrying on, I picked a course that needed no prerequisites, and hated it! Stuck it out though, got a job, did my CPA, and am still working in that field on a part time basis. Pays the bills, always did, learnt heaps, but I craved the thrill of writing. I often blabbed on to my kids about my love of writing and what I wanted to be, then one day my son said “Just blog it mum!”

So here I am, that’s me pretty much! I love my family, friends, food (way too much!), chocolate and lots of it, sitting on the couch with my family at the end of the day, writing, listening to people’s stories, the ocean, walks on the beach, holding hands with my husband, being part of the world around me and stopping for a minute to take in my surroundings and appreciate its beauty. I believe in coffee, laughing, fun, smiling at people I don’t know, talking lots and lots, having family and friends over for dinner, having a house that looks lived in, cooking (but would love someone else to always wash up!), and always saying I love you to those that matter. I am guilty of cheering way too much at my son’s football games, being way too proud at my daughter’s gymnastics classes, believing in dreams and loving my life. The thing I am forever grateful for is closing the door at the end of the day and not wanting to be anywhere else in the world but home, with my husband and kids.

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