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“Women Behaving Badly…”

images “Women Behaving Badly…”

I grew up always seeing the good in everyone. Everyone was wonderful in my eyes. I was always worried about hurting someone else’s feelings. Why would someone want to hurt someone else on purpose, I thought, that’s insane! My husband, who is way more streetwise than me, reminded me often, “Be careful, not everyone thinks like you!” Yeah right, I thought, what a sad way to look at life. But he was right. It wasn’t until I was in my mid 30s that my perception of human nature changed forever. Read more…

Just Listen…



I woke up this morning at 4.30 with a horrible pain in my stomach. “What’s going on?” I thought, I had stuff on my mind but nothing that would cause this. When my little girl got up, she said to me “Mummy, what’s wrong?”. “Nothing”, I replied, as I ran out of the room heading for the bathroom for the fifth time!

On my return I tried to have breakfast, but this horrible pain would not settle. She looked at me and said, “I know what’s wrong, you wrote your blog now everyone knows your feelings and you are scared”. I looked at my little girl in shock and awe! How can someone so young understand so much when I didn’t even understand it myself! “Mum, you need to meditate with me”, she said. Instead of pushing her theory aside, I listened. She said, “Follow what I do, we do this in class!”

She made me sit on the edge of my chair with my back straight, lay my hands in my lap one on top of the other, and asked me to close my eyes. She then said she needed a “singing bowl”, we didn’t have one so she improvised and used a tin filled with stickers that was on the table. She struck it three times. She then asked me to repeat the word “Maranatha”, over and over in my mind, she said that they had been doing this in class and the mantra meant “God be with me” or “Our Lord Has Come”, in another language. We did this for a few minutes until she struck the “singing bowl” another three times. She then said “Open your eyes!” And I saw her beautiful, smiling face. She said to me “We meditated!” And yes, we had.

I kid you not, the pain had gone. I felt a heavy weight lift and I felt calm. I got a few cramps every now and then but the horrible pain had gone.

My little girl had looked into my soul and understood what I was feeling before I could. The fact that I had suppressed my intimate feelings about my and my son’s bullying experience for so long, had led to a very confronting, emotional backlash from my inner self once I had put it all out there for everyone to read. I see that now and I know that now, but it took my nine year old daughter, to show me.

We had a moment this morning, a moment I will never take for granted and I will never forget. “I love you”, I said as usual when I dropped her off at school, but then I added, “Today you taught me something amazing, and you changed my life forever, thank you!” Her smile said it all.

She took the “singing bowl” home from school today, (see picture above), and made us all meditate after dinner tonight! Who wanted to wash up after that! We were way too relaxed!

I learnt today that meditation connects us to our soul. I suppose I had always known this, but had never felt it before now.

Our kids are our greatest gifts. They have important, valuable things to say, what we need to do is make sure that we listen.




Bullying is an issue I feel very strongly about. My personal experiences have led me to devote a page just on this topic (please see pages bar above). I hope it adds value to someone’s life…

How true it is…


(If you can’t read it just double click on the image, it’s the best photo of the card I could get!)

My husband and my kids got me this card for Mother’s Day. I laughed when they gave it to me, because it sums up the constant battle us mums have to deal with! I’m always running around carrying on about how I have to do this and clean that, but you know what, I think we can all take something from this card. It really doesn’t matter if our house isn’t sparkling clean all the time, before you know it it will be dirty again! I cleaned the house 2 days ago, from top to bottom like a psychopathic clean freak, but today those blasted little dust balls are back. Damn the sun for shinning on my coffee table and showing off the dust particles dancing around in all their glory, again! Did we really have to walk on the freshly vacuumed carpet, now all the straight lines that tell that I had vacuumed are gone! And hey, how long did it take the bathroom to look like the toothpaste monster has just had a party or two in there?

It just doesn’t stop, there is always something to do, so let’s stop looking! We have to stand back sometimes (me included, I’m the biggest culprit), and just let things go. We will get around to them at some stage, we always do, but for now, I might just grab that cappuccino I have been waiting for!