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If your kids have to use an iPad for school, be it primary or secondary school, please read this post. My son started Year 7 this year and his school requires the kids to have and use an iPad. Which is great, in theory, however have you ever tried to complete a homework assignment on it? Crazy!

I looked everywhere for an iPad case that had a keyboard attached. Not a separate keyboard that had to be lugged around separately and therefore not easily transported to school, but one attached to the iPad case. I looked at the logitech one. My daughter has a logitech one for her iPad. It’s fine for home and stuffing around, but not that great to do homework on. It is too small and cramped and does not provide appropriate protection if it is dropped – which happens, especially with boys!

The school gave us the option of buying the “Survivor Case”, which we did, not knowing any better, and hated it, $80 down the drain! No keyboard facility comes with it and so far a few kids have dropped it and the screen has smashed. I was speaking to my chiropractor who said he is seeing way too many kids with problems across their shoulders and upper back from using iPads for school, so posture is becoming a big problem, because they are hunching forward.

I was rambling on to my family about my difficulty in finding an appropriate iPad case, when my brother in law told me to check this out. It is the “Dockr with wireless bluetooth keyboard”. Well, let me tell you it has been fantastic! It has a regular size keyboard (the same size as our Mac computer). The iPad locks into place and can be adjusted to reduce glare. It has speakers so that any presentation to a class can be done via the iPad case, without having to transfer it to a usb and then onto the school system. It also has speakers so that the class can actually hear the presentation! Oh, and the speakers come in handy for playing music too! It has a battery pack which charges the iPad, for those times when our ever responsible kids forget to charge their iPad overnight, which means they can charge it while using it in class!

It also offers protection, lots of protection. My son has dropped his iPad while it was in this case, twice, on concrete, and both the iPad and the case have survived unscathed. Ticks all the boxes if you ask me. The iPad is not just an educational tool for kids, it becomes their only way of completing homework and submitting it on the school portal. This case has saved us. My son loves it and has said to me “I will never use anything else!” Heck, if it helps him do his homework with minimal whinging, then bring it on!

The colours it comes in are awesome too. I don’t know all the specs, I’m not reviewing this for money, I just want to let you know how it has helped us, and that it is worth considering. You can check it out online. The best price I have found is at I think there is a promo code you can use on this site to get it even cheaper! This site actually has a link to Macworld, which has done a proper review on it.

The price is comparable to the logitech iPad case with keyboard, but offers so much more. So in terms of value for money it far surpasses the other iPad cases on the market. I know, I have researched all of them – in way too much detail!

It’s not just for kids, I have to say I love using it myself!

I was at Westfield Doncaster Shoppingtown in Melbourne yesterday, and saw a stand for it. It will be there until the end of the school holidays, just up from Mrs Fields cookies! I know you know where that is! After the school holidays it will still be available online, at the website I mentioned above.

I am forever thankful to my brother in law for bringing this to my attention and making our school work so much easier. I see it as an investment in my child’s future. We owe it to our kids to do the right thing by their health, and if we can help make homework and school a little bit more fun, then why not?

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